In this article we are going to see how we can create a git repo.

How to Create a Git Repo?

There can be two cases while creating a git repo.

  1. Creating a new repo from scratch
  2. Creating a repo from an existing directory

To create a new repo from scratch follow the below steps-

  • Create a new directory from the menu or by using the command.
    $ mkdir dir_name

This will create a directory in the working folder with the name specified.

How to Create Git Repo_Pic1

  • Navigate into the new directory using the command
    $ cd dir_name

How to Create Git Repo_Pic2.png

  • Now to create a repo use the command
    $ git init

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This will create a git repo in that directory. From there you can add files to the git repo.

  • After adding your files commit by the command
     $ git commit

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Now, to create a repo for a pre-existing project,

  • Navigate into the directory using cd command
  • Now to create the repo use the command
    $ git init
  • Add the files to the repo using
    $ git add
  • Commit the changes using
    $ git commit

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