What needs to be checked if we encounter issues with SSH and HTTP in Juniper Ex?


If you encounter issues with users not able to log into the switch using SSH, check the following:

  •     SSH is properly configured. root@EX# set system services ssh
  •     No firewall filters for TCP blocking SSH.  root@EX3# show firewall
  •     Make sure the directory /var/empty exists.

SSH access in juniper ex

If the directory is not present, create it as shown below:

%cd /var
%mkdir empty


If you are not able to log in to the switch using HTTP/HTTPS, check the following.

  •     HTTP is properly configured under web management.

root@SW1# set system services web-management http

  •     No firewall filters blocking http traffic.
  •     Clear the cache in the browser

The directory structure for HTTP is as below:


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