One of the everyday operations when dealing with strings is to divide a string using a given delimiter into an array of substrings.

We will explore how to break a string in Python in this post.

.split() function:

Strings are depicted as it has immutable property in Python. The a class contains a variety of string methods to manage the string.

The .split() method returns a delimiter-separated list of substrates. The following syntax is required:

a.split(xyz=None, maxsplit =-1)

The boundary can be a character or character set, not a regular expression. In this example, we divide the string a using the comma (,):

a = 'John,Harry,Ricky's.split(',')

The outcome is a string list:

['John', 'Harry', 'Ricky']

As a delimiter may also use a series of characters:

S = 'John: :Harry: :Ricky's.split(': :')

['John', 'Harry' and 'Ricky']

If Max split is defined, the number of splits will be reduced. There is no limit on the number of splits, if not stated or -1.

s = 'John; Harry; Ricky's.split(';', 1)

The maxsplit+1 element in the result list will be maximized:

['John,' 'Harry; Ricky']

If the xyz is not defined or Null, the string will be split as a delimiter using whitespace. As a single separator, all consecutive whitespaces are considered. Also, there would be no empty strings if the string includes trailing and leading whitespaces. Let’s take a look at the following example to further explain this:

' JohnHarry Ricky Anthony Carl'.split()

Output = ['John', 'Harry', 'Ricky ', 'Anthony', 'Carl']

'JohnHarry Ricky Anthony Carl'.split()

Output = [' ', 'John', ' ', 'Harry', 'Ricky', ' ', ' ', 'Anthony', 'Carl', ' ']

When no delimiter is used, no empty strings are found in the return list. The leading, trailing, and consecutive whitespace will cause the result to contain empty strings if the delimiter is set to empty space.


One of the most common operations is breaking strings. You should have a clear understanding of how to break strings in Python after this.

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